My VIENNA Travel Guide

DESTINATION: VIENNA, AUSTRIA TRAVEL TIME: 1.5 HOUR FLIGHT FROM BRUSSELS STAY: 3 DAYS HOTEL: NH WIEN CITY This was actually the first time that I visited Austria for pleasure as the previous time, it was purely work related, so no time for sightseeing or anything else. Vienna has long been a must-go spot on my… Continue reading My VIENNA Travel Guide

Kinderboerderij Pietersheim:: Small Animal Farm for the Kids

I've always loved going to the Kinderboerderij Pietersheim since I was little because you have a big playground on the one hand, and a lot of small farm animals on the other hand. So when you're child, this is your ultimate go-to place for having fun 🙂 Over the last 10-15 years, these farm animals… Continue reading Kinderboerderij Pietersheim:: Small Animal Farm for the Kids

Kusmi Tea – Wonders in a Cup

Kusmi Tea was founded in 1867 by P.M. Kousmichoff and established in Paris in 1917. This brand offers connoisseurs and gourmets with exclusive blends and high quality traditional teas. Kusmi Tea blends are therefore well-known for their pleasant tastes and the smoothness of their flavors. It's based on this statement, and having had the opportunity… Continue reading Kusmi Tea – Wonders in a Cup