Super Creamy Chocolate Brownies :-)

If you're a fan of chocolate than brownies are it for you! The basis for making brownies is chocolate, so every chocoholic needs to have tried them at least once in their lives, and once you have, you cannot resist them ever again... This is basically how my craving for brownies began a long time… Continue reading Super Creamy Chocolate Brownies 🙂

Chocolate Chip Cookies:: What’s not to Love!

Ever since I made the Strawberry Chip Cookies that were such a huge success in my family, I've been thinking what's next... So I've had a look at my cupboard full of sweets and noticed some lactose-free chocolate stashed in the back... Since I'm never one to let sweets go to waste, this was the… Continue reading Chocolate Chip Cookies:: What’s not to Love!