Thor Park starts Hiking Challenge 2019

Since I live close to the National Park Hoge Kempen (Limburg province), I consider this as my go-to place for hiking 🙂 As you can read from my previous hiking adventures, the National Park has several entrance "gates" as they refer to them. These gates are Connecterra (Maasmechelen), Thor Park (Genk), Mechelse Heide (Maasmechelen), Station… Continue reading Thor Park starts Hiking Challenge 2019

Another Amazing Family Hike @ Connecterra

As I mentioned in previous posts about hiking at Connecterra, there are several colored trails available and that I would be exploring them all!!! This post will cover the YELLOW trail which is about 11.5km and the map indicates a 3 hour hike but depending on your pace you can do it quicker (we did!).… Continue reading Another Amazing Family Hike @ Connecterra