Stuffed Lemon Cake :: Refreshingly Tasteful!

When you think of lemon cake, you can probably imagine a handful of versions that you've either made yourself of tried somewhere. For me, a lemon cake needs to be refreshing due to the lemon but also sweet like a cake. I've tried a couple in different places, but somehow they are usually to sweet… Continue reading Stuffed Lemon Cake :: Refreshingly Tasteful!

Seasonal Cakes::: Home Grown Pears

My parents have some small pear trees in their garden, and most of the years the number of pears is rather limited but this year, they have so much that I decided to bake a pear cake for the first time in my life 😊 The thought of baking a cake with pears sounded quite strange… Continue reading Seasonal Cakes::: Home Grown Pears