2019 :: a Year in Review

It’s safe to say that 2019 was quite a year for me on all fronts; personal, work, travel, … The first half of the year was quite the adventure with some several trips, more regular blogposts as well as getting some structure in my life and advancing my career at work. Over summer, more changes occurred in my life that kept me very busy which resulted in less blogging, less instagram, and overall a break from social media. These last 6 months of 2019 have been somewhat of a whirlwind, but not necessarily a bad experience as I’ve grown as a person, but also realized where my priorities are and how to make things work on almost all fronts.

At the beginning on 2019, as in previous years, I made a travel wish list of all the places I would like to go during that year. While each year, I have a lot of crazy travel ideas but what I’ve learned from the past is that it’s really not easy to accomplish them all when you’re trying to balance being a single mom, having a fulltime job and basically having a household to run. So that’s why my list for 2019 was not too lengthy but also not too far away so that short trips could also be made 🙂 So let’s have a look back at what I managed to travel from my wish list for 2019!

First trip of the year was in March in Rotterdam (Netherlands) with some friends. Since Rotterdam wasn’t that was from where we live, we decided to drive the 2 hours since a mini-roadtrip is always a good idea for a weekend break 🙂 The city itself charmed us and it’s easy to walk around the city center while enjoying some sightseeing, shopping, delicious food/drinks as well as some culture/history. If you want to check out what we did and saw, have a look here.

The next trip on the planning was Lille (France) in April with the same friends that joined me in Rotterdam. These girls are really something, and we had so much fun exploring the beautiful city of Lille just across the border from Belgium. This meant we drove the 2,5 hours again with a lot of music and laughter in the car. Lille’s city center is similar to that of Amsterdam, Ghent, Bruges, … as it has quite the historical center with lot of cultural places, shopping, restaurants and basically anything you need for a weekend break. If you’re interested in visiting Lille, make sure to check out what we did, here.

After having done two weekend breaks with my friends, it was time for a family vacation with my little man and not just for a short break but an actual relaxing vacation in June. Our destination this year was Crete (Greece) which is a country that I had never travelled to before, but always wanted to. Since the little one loves water, and since it’s our first vacation with just the two of us, I wanted to find a balance between culture, adventure and relaxing by the pool. The resort we booked offered us this perfect mix as it wasn’t too far from Chania (30 min bus to center) and there were several excursions we could join, such as the 4×4 jeep safari which the little one absolutely loved. Here’s a short recap of how our summer vacation looked like.

Coming back from Crete, it seemed my little man caught the travel bug and the first week being home, he already asked when our next trip would be. Hearing this from my 3 year old, really made my heart jump as I was so happy he liked our trip and would love to explore some more things. That basically made me immediately book a next trip, which ended up being Bruges and Ostend in August. Reason for doing both cities, is because I wanted to show the little one how the Belgian coast looks like compared to the Cretian one. Also not to mention that there was a sand sculpture festival in Ostend which I knew he would like since he’s always playing outsided in our sand box. Bruges was one of the cities I’ve had on my list for quite some time, and personally I really liked the city especially the historical center with quite some churches, beautiful architecture, history, boat tours throughout the center, and just the overall vibe of the city. For a weekend break, this definitely made an impression. For more details on our trips to Ostend and Bruges, check it out here and here.

So looking back at my full list for 2019, it seems that the only trip that I didn’t manage to do is Venice (Italy) which will remain on my list for 2020 or next years depending on what I can come up with 😉

Hope you enjoyed reading my 2019 :: a year in review, and if you have any suggestions for future trips please make sure to let me know!



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