Discovering Sand Magic @ Ostend Beach

When I started looking for a quick city break in Belgium, I came across Bruges which I had never been to before even though I live in Belgium… I know… I’m one of those people that travels everywhere but hasn’t been to one of the most beautiful places in her own country… So with Bruges on the planning, I started looking around as to what else was in the area to combine for a weekend break.

This is when I discovered the Sand Sculpture Festival in Ostend which takes place almost every year and is even listed in the Guinness Book of World Records! This of course peeked my interest, so I started investigating a bit more and did you know that they used sand from the Ardens (south of Belgium) as the texture is bit different than normal sea sand and with the sculptures needing to last all through summer and stand all kinds of weather, it needs to be good. This year, the theme of the festival is City of Dreams and there are about 150 different sculptures ranging from 2m to 12m high, which is quite impressive to say the least… The artists building the sculptures come from all over the world such as Australia, Russia, Spain, USA, Ukraine, Germany, Italy, Poland and France to name a few…

Here are some impressions from the sand sculptures that we could enjoy 🙂 What you can see is that most refer to overall professions or stories we know, but some are also Ostend specific so they showcase city scenes.

Having made this trip with my son, I was a bit nervous to go since I wasn’t sure he would be happy with only looking at the sand sculptures and not being able to touch them but also since it’s basically walking around.. Luckily, the festival made sure that also the little children had fun, so about halfway the route there were bouncing castles and trampolines for them to enjoy.

Some practical information about the festival and how to get there:

  • Tickets are 12 EUR for adults, 8 EUR for children (aged 4-11) and FREE for children ❤ years
  • Time spend on average is 1,5 – 2 hours with taking breaks
  • The route is a bit more than 1 km and accessible for wheelchairs and strollers
  • Duration of the festival is from June 22nd to September 8th 2019
  • Recommended parking :: NMBS Station Strand (400m max from the festival)

Looking back at the photos taken, I would definitely recommend going there and for sure I will be back with my son the next editions as I’m curious what they will build next time 🙂

Have you been to sand sculpture festivals or contests before?



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