Spring Beauty Favorites

In recent months, I haven’t purchased that many beauty products, but today I’m sharing with you all the ones that I’ve bought and tried so hope you enjoy my Spring Beauty Favorites ๐Ÿ™‚

KIKO Milano Smart Nail Lacquer

I’ve bought so many nail polishes over the years that my stock is over the top but I always keep buying new ones in shades or colors that I’ve never had before. Also, with me changing the color on my nails on a weekly basis you kinda need something new from time to time ๐Ÿ˜‰ This time, while on a trip to Rotterdam I headed into the Kiko Milano store and they had a deal on nail polishes, so of course I couldn’t resist and scored these 2 beauties (# 084 Dark Tiffany and #071 Orchid)!

I’ve tried them on both, and have to admit that I love the purple/pink one (#071) the most as this shade seems to work magic with my skin tone. The light green/ mint one (#084) isn’t that bad but the color isn’t always working for me… The bottles are rather small, so if you use it a lot, you will need to refill your stock quite quickly… The brush is OK so applying the polish is easy and the dry time is not that long, but not as quick as the Maybelline 60 seconds.

The Body Shop Body Butter

Since I have quite a dry skin especially in the hearth of winter or the transition of the seasons, I’ve tried a lot of different body milk or body butter over the years, and when I recently walked into the Body Shop store there was a special deal on the body butters so this made me select a few to give them a try. I’ve never actually bought something in the Body Shop as there isn’t a store close by… The body butters are available in different sizes, but since I’m always trying out something new, I prefer buying the small size before going back for the bigger one. The ingredients that caught my attention were the Shea body butter and the Olive body butter just because the smell is not what I always go for (I like the more fruity butters) but having used body cream with olive oil during pregnancy, I’ve started to like body creams, butter and milk containing olive oil.

Initial findings on the usage of the Olive butter is that it’s quite good although I have to use it quite a lot for it to keep the effect. Haven’t tried the Shea one but if the working is the same as the Olive one, then I might not go back for the bigger size.

Essence Volume Mascara Waterproof

Since I need to use mascara on a daily basis in order to not look like I’m half asleep, I keep trying mascaras that promise extra volume or thicker lashes but that are still budget friendly. This tends to pull me towards Essence which is a budget friendly cosmetic brand available at the normal drugstore. I’ve had different types of mascara from Essence over the years and keep trying new ones as they’re very affordable (prices vary from 1,69 EUR – 2,99 EUR) but at the same time very efficient! This one is waterproof which I need it to be since I can become emotional when watching movies (but tell me who doesn’t shed a tear from time to time)…. With it being waterproof, you also need to use the make-up remover tissues/ pads or miscellar water to make sure it’s all gone before bedtime as we don’t want to wake up like a panda ๐Ÿ˜‰ Tried this one several times now, and love the effect it gives to my lashes and the promise of volume is true! This is one purchase that I will continue to make!

Maybelline Color Show 60 Seconds

As mentioned above, I love a good nail polish, and in previous posts I’ve declared my love to the L’Oreal outlet store in Maasmechelen Village and this keeps on being true till date as I bought again 2 nail polishes ๐Ÿ™‚ This time, it was the window display that lured me in since they had different shades of pink and purple in the display that would match my skin tone perfectly! After having tried the different types, I keep going back to the 60 seconds color show as the colors are amazing but the dry time is perfect for me with having a toddler running around and needing attention or just running around doing stuff… So the 2 colors bought this time are #06 Bubblicious and #24 Very Violet. The thing I like as well with these polishes is the applicator brush which is wide enough and easy to apply. The color stays on your nails for at least a week if you don’t do anything crazy with your fingers…

Essence Stay All Day Liquid Foundation

To be honest, I’ve never owned a liquid foundation before and not sure it’s the thing for me, but seeing the stay all day and reading the promise of 16 hours, I kinda persuaded me to give it a try… The thing I’ve always found difficult with foundations is the color tone that you should purchase to match your skin as it’s not always easy with the lighting in the stores when trying them out.. This one (#010 soft beige) is the same color code as my compact powder that I’ve been using for years (also from Essence), but somehow the liquid made it a shade darker which didn’t really suit me well.. So either I’d done something wrong when applying it, or it’s just not for me but I will give it one more try before completely writing off the foundation…

What are your spring beauty favorites? Always looking for something new to try!!!



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