2019 :: Travel Wish List

What better way to start your year then to brainstorm and start drafting your travel wish list šŸ™‚ Travel is something I really enjoy doing, but with last year having been an emotional roller coaster, I’m slowly finding my way and that will showcase in my travel destinations which will include some that are already planned, but others are places that are on my wish list for a long time and I really want to go but need to find the time and budget for them! So here goes …

Crete (Greece)

I’ve always wanted to go to Greece as I’m a sucker for history and nature and this country combines both! As this will be my first summer vacation travelling solo with the little one, I choose a resort in the North West of Crete (one of the bigger islands) that is very child-friendly but also has enough opportunity to explore the region. Can’t wait to discover this part of Greece šŸ™‚

Bruges (Belgium)

You might think, that hey you’re from Belgium so you must have seen the entire country (especially since it’s not that big), but to be honest, there is still so much to see and explore in Belgium that I made a promise to myself to discover at least 2 things/places a year in Belgium that are new to me or that I’ve never been before and Bruges is one of them. Any recommendations are appreciated!

Bruges’sĀ architectureĀ andĀ historicalĀ buildingsĀ areĀ worldĀ famous!

Rotterdam (Netherlands)

Besides Amsterdam, another big but maybe not so known city is Rotterdam which is more industrial and has one of the biggest harbors in Europe. From a historical perspective, a lot of things happened here so I’ll be exploring those for sure, but at the same time Rotterdam is becoming more hip and touristy so I’ll be on the lookout for some must see and must do places!

Cube houses in Rotterdam are a must-see attraction according to everyone so I’m going to check them out!

Lille (France)

Lille is almost on the border with Belgium and it’s really easy to reach by train or car, but I’ve never been! Think this would be a great destination for a weekend getaway just to discover the city and maybe even see the mini-Louvre that they’ve build. My trips to France have always been limited to Paris and the south of France, but never the north or west coast…

Venice (Italy)

It’s been over 10 years since I was in Venice, so it’s way overdue. I went as part of my senior trip in high school and I think it’s during this round-trip that I fell in love with the country. I wasn’t the best weather at the time, so I will keep that in mind when planning! But with the architecture, food, wine, shopping, canals, and just everything, what’s not to love? I know at certain times a year, Venice can be too crowded so I want to avoid that since I want to take the little one with me. What is your advice or recommendations for Venice with a toddler?

Venetian canals šŸ™‚

What’s on your travel wish list for this year?



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