2018:: Year in Review

Can you believe we’re already in a new year! Time is going by so quickly, but I hope you all had a fabulous New Year’s Eve and wishing you all the best for 2019!!!

Before thinking and sharing my 2019 Travel Wish List with you, I thought it would be nice to have a review of my travel plans for 2018 and to check if I managed to go to any of the places on my 2018 Wish List.

In my initial post on my 2018 Travel Wish List, I listed 5 countries that I would like to travel to during the year. For some of them, it was already decided that I would go, but other ones were my hopes of going. Iā€™m happy to let you know that I achieved about 80% of my wish list by making one change only šŸ˜Š In addition to travelling to these countries for either a summer vacation or a weekend break, I also managed to visit quite some Zoos with my little one since he loves animals (you can read about Gaia Zoo here).

January – June::

In May, I traveled to Vienna as this was one of the already planned trip with my Erasmus girls šŸ™‚ The trip was amazing and loved spending time in the city with my lovely girls. We were lucky with the weather as we had almost nothing but sunshine and in the sun the city is even more beautiful and you’re able to spend your entire time outside.

Shortly after my trip to Vienna, I went on a planned summer vacation to Lloret de Mar with my family. Having my little one on a plane for the first time was an adventure on its own, but all went absolutely perfect and we were able to enjoy ourselves and relax. The city itself is rather small but for a family vacation it was the perfect destination as it had about everything you could wish for; sun, sea, swimming pools, good food and close to Barcelona.

You can read my full travel guides of Vienna and Lloret de Mar here and here, but I’m also sharing some of my favorite photos taken below šŸ™‚

July – December ::

Unfortunately making a trip to Berlin didn’t prove to be easy, so instead I took a day trip to Mechelen which is a city in Belgium but had never been to before. This is the swap that I mentioned earlier. I still opted to discover Mechelen as a tourist as I wanted to see and learn what this city has to offer in a relatively short period of time. The city itself is quite special as it holds some unique attractions that are of historic importance but it also has a very small city center which means you can walk around the city center and really take in everything.

Besides Berlin, I also didn’t manage to travel to London or Paris for a short weekend break, but instead I had to travel to both cities and some more for work (business) which meant that I saw the train station and the hotel closest to the office and that’s it šŸ˜¦ That also means that I will keep these two cities on my wish list for 2019 šŸ˜Š

Last but not least, I had Amsterdam on my Wish List which is a city close to where I live (within 2.5 hours by train) but which I haven’t visited often or recently. Whenever you’re visiting Europe and you’re thinking about places/countries to visit, make sure that Amsterdam is on your list. You cannot miss the tulips, canals, traditional Dutch souvenirs, or just the atmosphere in the city. It was mid-December when I went with my mother, and we immediately decided we would come back in spring / summer as then the canals are even more beautiful and the tulips will be in full bloom.

You can read my full travel guides of Mechelen and Amsterdam here and here, but I’m also sharing some of my favorite photos taken below šŸ™‚

All things considering, I think I spend more time in zoos and looking at animals than I actually spend visiting countries and discovering new places (not to say that visiting a zoo in Vienna or Germany is an adventure and new place as well!). As I’m already thinking and planning my 2019 travel wish list, so stay tuned for my new travel plans!

What are your recommendations for travel destinations in 2019? Let me know!



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