Thor Park starts Hiking Challenge 2019

Since I live close to the National Park Hoge Kempen (Limburg province), I consider this as my go-to place for hiking 🙂 As you can read from my previous hiking adventures, the National Park has several entrance "gates" as they refer to them. These gates are Connecterra (Maasmechelen), Thor Park (Genk), Mechelse Heide (Maasmechelen), Station… Continue reading Thor Park starts Hiking Challenge 2019

2019 :: Travel Wish List

What better way to start your year then to brainstorm and start drafting your travel wish list 🙂 Travel is something I really enjoy doing, but with last year having been an emotional roller coaster, I'm slowly finding my way and that will showcase in my travel destinations which will include some that are already… Continue reading 2019 :: Travel Wish List