Delicious Chocolate Mousse

With both my son and my future sister-in-law being lactose intolerant, we always need to be careful what desserts we buy… So instead of having to worry that they might not be able to eat anything, this year I proposed that we make our own desserts as that way, we’re sure that they are lactose free.

Since I’m quite the chocoholic, I wanted to make a chocolate mousse for the first time but then lactose free. This would prove a challenge since standard chocolate mousse is made with cream and normal chocolate, both are main ingredients and are not suitable for my family. So with a bit of investigation, I found the Alpro Soy Cuisine which is an alternative for normal cream and instead of the normal milk chocolate or dark chocolate, I found the 85% cacao pure chocolate which is suitable for those with a lactose intolerance.

The ingredients are as follows for 5 persons:

  • 5 eggs
  • 250 g pure chocolate that contains a minimum of 75% cacao
  • 250 ml Alpro Soy Cuisine or any other lactose-free variant

How to make it:

  • Start by melting the chocolate au bain-marie or in a microwave.
  • Whip up the egg white until it’s stiff. I’ve used my electric mixer for the ease of it.
  • Whip up the egg yellow in another bowl until it’s light and fluid.
  • Whip up the soy cream until it’s kinda stiff or at least less liquid.
  • Mix the melted chocolate with the egg yellow.
  • Mix the soy cream gently through the chocolate mix and then carefully use a spatula or something similar to add the whipped up egg white through the mix.
  • Put the mixture in a bowl or tray and put it in the fridge for at least 4 hours.

Since it’s the first time ever that I’m making chocolate mousse, I was quite nervous for the reactions of my family, but everyone loved it and especially my son and my future sister-in-law who were both very happy they could enjoy the Christmas dessert without having to worry if it’s something they should not be eating. Besides the chocolate mousse, for this Christmas, I’ve added a trio of Fruit Mousse for which I will share the recipe in a later post as it’s also lactose free!

Having made a traditional dessert and turning it into something lactose free, has given me the courage to continue to try to make more desserts that are lactose free so that my son, who loves to bake with me, can also enjoy the sweeter things in life πŸ™‚

Let me know if you’ve tried lactose free desserts or if you’ve tried my recipes before! Always looking for feedback or new ideas πŸ™‚



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