Mushrooms and Nature’s wonders during Autumn

Since there is so much to discover in nature, and with a toddler around, we thought it was a good idea to go on a sort of scavenger hunt into the national park and see what we could find and discover. Our initial goal was to discover as many mushrooms as possible and preferably those rare red ones with white dots that you hear about when you’re growing up 😊

Getting into the national park is quite easy since we were able to park our car at the starting point of the Mechelse Heide entry gate. From there we headed towards the BROWN X trail across the bridge until we came at the crossing with the GREEN trail which we then started following. This trail takes you from the paved road into the actual forest where you have a bigger chance in finding mushrooms of all sorts…

Since my mother and I also wanted to collect some nicely colored leaves, chestnuts and pine cones we gave my little boy the assignment to search as many good ones as possible which excited him even more that he didn’t notice that our hike was about 4km 😊

In the end, we didn’t find any red mushrooms with white dots but came across plenty of other shapes, colors and sizes…

Everyone had fun and we got to spend some quality time in nature 😊


Stay tuned for more autumn adventures with toddlers 🙂




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