GaiaZOO :: Adventures with a Toddler

While spring is finally starting to arrive, last weekend was the first where it didn’t rain and temperatures were quite good (around 12-14 degrees).  While, we originally had other plans, but due to the beautiful weather we decided last minute that a visit to GaiaZOO would be nice for the little one but also for ourselves since we haven’t been there in over 10 years. Unfortunately, my boyfriend had the night shift, so he couldn’t tag along as he was in desperate need of some sleep. So, it was my mother, the little one and me that went to the zoo 😊

We were lucky to have bought our tickets in advance online so that we could just enter the park directly, because upon arrival the parking was almost full and the queue in front of the ticket office was huge! The little one only slept for 15 min in the car, so we were afraid that he would be in a bad mood due to lack of sleep, but the moment he noticed the animals he was so energetic and happy!

We took the “all animals route” to ensure we saw everything since the park expanded quite a bit over the years. The park itself is divided into different zones (each focused on a climate), i.e. Taiga, Rainforest, Savanna and Limburg (local animals). The main entrance starts at Taiga which is also the biggest area.

GaiaZOO map

Since it was so busy, it was sometimes difficult to get up close to the animals because everyone wanted to see them especially the wolves and lynx.

All we cared about was that Beau had a good time and he definitely did enjoy it and he really loves animals especially the ones that look like our dog (leroy; the siberian husky) and cat (scheetje; the street cat). Although it looks like he also has an interest in zebras because he wanted to get as close as possible to see them.

We really liked visiting the zoo and will have to come back during summer break because then more animals will be outside and hopefully some of the construction work (they are expanding again and building some new areas) will be finished.. Below you can see some more impressions from our visit… Have fun!

Have you ever been to GaiaZOO? What is your favorite ZOO to visit?




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