Fun in the Snow @ Hoge Venen (High Fens)

Last Sunday, we were finally able to enjoy the snow a bit in the south of Belgium, since we haven’t had any in the area we live in. So we packed up and drove 1 hour (yes only one hour away) to the Ardennes! While on route, we didn’t see that much snow, so we were afraid that we would be wrong, but then entering the Hoge Venen (High Fens in English) we started to see more and more snow, so we knew we were heading in the right direction 🙂

We wanted to try a new place, so we stopped at the Signal de Botrange which is the highest point in Belgium with its 694 meters… I know Belgium is not that elevated like the Alps or similar mountain ranges. After finding a parking spot (which proved quite difficult), we immediately started the blue route (approx. 6km) which I still believe is a cross country (langlauf) route but everyone was walking there or using a sleigh. Since this would be the first time our little guy would see the snow, we were that much more excited!

We brought our sleigh to try it for the first time, but when the little guy had to sit still, he wasn’t too happy. He’s one of those toddlers that doesn’t seem to be able to sit still for one minute. So during the entire walk, we took turns as to whom would sit on the sleigh with Beau (he’s too little to sit on the sleigh by himself). At the same time, since Leroy is a Siberian Husky we wanted to test his ability to pull the sleigh. We were quite happily surprised that it looks to be in his nature and that he was quite at ease in doing so even though he never did it before. We didn’t want to overdo it, so we only kept him in front of the sleigh for about 1km. The rest of the route, he was running freely and enjoying the snow 🙂

We had so much fun during our trip, that we’ll definitely go back more often when we have the chance and try some of the different routes with different lengths.

What’s your favorite destination for some snow fun?




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