Travel Wish List of 2018

With our lives finally settling in after having to adjust to our new life as parents with a toddler, we are now ready to start travelling again. After having had some initial discussion, we decided to take it rather easy and nearby since these travels will be with a toddler. So here is what we’ve come up with for 2018 taken into consideration our limited number of vacation days, our financial budgets and our other responsibilities (aka family business).



Vienna will actually be a trip that I will make with my girlfriends, because it will be part of a reunion with friends I met while studying abroad. We have this (almost) annual tradition of choosing a country/city to meet up with just the 4 of us 🙂 This year, it will be Vienna since one of the girls is half-Austrian and she promised us she would show us around this wonderful town with it’s history and beautiful architecture. I’ve been there once on business, but never had the chance to see it during day-light or summer.

Lloret de Mar

Now you might think.. why is this destination on the list, since it’s most commonly known for it’s clubs and party-scene so not really something for families with small children… well the reason why it’s on the list, is because this will actually be our first family vacation since Beau was born and we wanted to fly not more than 2,5 hours, have an All-Inclusive hotel/resort with multiple swimming areas (boys like the water) and is located near a beach. With all these criteria in mind, we selected the Evenia Olympic Palace & Suites hotel which is part of a bigger complex, but with lots of opportunities for the little one to have a good time and for us to relax and enjoy some family time.


Berlin has been on my go-to list for quite some years now, but for some reason I’ve never actually made it to this historical city which is supposed to be really cool with a mix for everyone. Since I’m a huge fan of ancient cities with lots of history and architecture, one might question why I haven’t been there, and the answer is quite simple… Nobody wants to go with me 😦 Probably because when I’m somewhere totally new, I always tend to walk a lot in order to see and discover as much as possible and this is not something my family likes..

London or Paris

Both cities are quite familiar to me as I’ve been to both on several occasions for business and pleasure, but never with either my boyfriend or my mother (we have this thing where the two of us go on a shopping trip for an extended weekend!). So the destination will depend on who wants and can join me later this year for a weekend getaway. Secretly I’m hoping it will be London because it’s been the longest since I’ve been there compared to Paris.


Amsterdam will probably be a short 2-day trip to do some shopping and sightseeing, because it’s been about 7 years ago since I’ve been there and most likely a lot has changed since then. The crazy thing is that I live about 2,5 – 3 hours drive from Amsterdam but with the traffic and the high cost of parking, it’s somewhat a constraint to just hop in your car and drive there. So we’ll have to do a little bit of planning, but I still want to go this year (maybe summer or so).

So which travel destinations are on your wish list for 2018? Any suggestions to consider for next year?



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