Kusmi Tea – Wonders in a Cup

Kusmi Tea was founded in 1867 by P.M. Kousmichoff and established in Paris in 1917. This brand offers connoisseurs and gourmets with exclusive blends and high quality traditional teas. Kusmi Tea blends are therefore well-known for their pleasant tastes and the smoothness of their flavors.

It’s based on this statement, and having had the opportunity to try it for over one year now, that I’m so in love with these teas! 🙂

The nice thing about this brand is that they have so many different flavors and for different occasions, they have particular blends, e.g. wellness teas, green teas, brunch teas, Russian blends, etc.

In the beginning, I bought the wellness teas as a trial package. This trial package consists of 5 flavors in these cute packages out of which you can get around 25 cups of tea. The wellness package is famous for the blends Boost – Detox – BB Detox. It’s a mix of green teas and black teas. Since I’m more of a green tea kind a girl, these are the ones that attract me the most.

From this wellness package, the BB Detox is my all-time favorite. Therefore, I decided to buy this flavor in a bigger tin which would last me for a long time.

Last weekend, I’ve bought another trial package to discover some new flavors. This time, I went for the brunch teas as this is always interesting. So far, I’ve tried one flavor named Anastasia which is a Russian blend with Chinese Ceylon and some fruits. This one is so far in my top 5 with favorite flavors, but I’ve got still a couple more to try 😉

So for you tea-lovers out there, this brand is definitely one to try out! Trust me, you’ll like it!!!




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