Muddy Hike @ Thor Park

Last Sunday (October 9th) was the official opening of the hiking trails around Thor Park¬†which is a renovated mining site in Genk. The opening was organized by Nationaal Park Hoge Kempen in collaboration with other nature agencies and there are in total 11 trails ranging from 2km to 16km. More information about Thor Park and it’s hiking trails can be found on the website that I linked above.

Since we had Beau in the stroller with us, we decided for a shorter trail of about 4km (green trail). Given the fact that it was raining earlier in the day, we expected some bad trails but weren’t prepared for all the mud that we came across. Luckily our stroller is equipped with large tires, so we could make it through the mud quite OK, not easy though. The trail itself was quite nice and definitely a recommendation when the weather is nice and it hasn’t rained in the previous days.

The green trail starts of at Thor Central and brings you through forests and open fields before you have to climb up the terhill. Once up there, you see nothing but grass and sheep. If you continue on the green trail it brings you back downhill into the forest, but if you switch over to another trail, you need to walk up further onto the next terhill. With the stroller, and my mother falling in the mud ;-), we decided to stick to the green trail and go downhill. Going back through the forest, we had to cross old train tracks before reaching the end of the trail, i.e. Thor Central.

The end was actually walking through the old mining buildings that are partially under renovation and some parts will remain in their current state to give some indication of how it used to look like. For lovers of nice architectural buildings, this is also definitely a must-see attraction.

So if you’re in the area and feel like hiking, then this place is a must-do!



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