Let’s go for a Mushroom Walk!

With the season changing, and fall slowly starting to make it’s way into the forests, it’s actually the perfect time for a Mushroom Walk 😉 It’s nothing fancy or so, but it’s just a walk in the forest where alongside the route, you will find tons of different types of mushrooms in all shapes, colors and sizes!

Having no knowledge about mushrooms whatsoever, only that the red ones with white dots always remind me about when I was little and my parents would read me about dwarfs and somehow in every story there would be a red mushroom with white dots…


The walk itself is about 4km so not that lengthy but still it takes you more than 1 hour given the fact that you will stop from time to time to look at the different types. Also, we took Beau with us without a stroller so it either meant carrying him or when he did walk by himself the pace was a lot slower.

Since we discovered quite some different mushrooms and the forest air was super healthy it was a pleasant afternoon!

Hope you can enjoy some walks in the forest or learn something more about mushrooms 😉




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