Beautiful Purple Fields @ Mechelse Heide

September always means that the heather or moor (“heide” in Dutch) is in full bloom which means beautiful purple areas in the national park. Since we’re trying to go outside as much as possible during the weekend and discover new things, we thought it would be nice to actually see the heather in bloom. Even though I’ve been living in this area for my entire life, I have to admit that I’ve never paid too much attention to whether the heather was in bloom or not and would just go there whenever we felt like hiking in this area. Now that Beau is growing and developing, we want to expose him as much as possible to nature and all of its beauty.

The area that is covered with heather is widespread and there are quite some hiking trails that you can take in the national park that will take you through the most beautiful heather spots as well as untouched forest. We had quite some fun discovering this particular (green bar) hiking trail since it brought us to one of the highest points in the area where you have a great panoramic view of the surrounding cities. Also, in the 2nd half of the hike, the scenery changed from heather to forest and with fall almost arriving, some of the trees started to already lose their pine cones which was another new thing for Beau to discover 🙂

In the upcoming weeks, we’ll continue to try to go for a hike as much as possible because with the season changing this will provide some beautiful scenery with all of the leaves changing color!

What’s your favorite season to go for a hike or walk in the forest?



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