Summer Feeling – Florals and Pink

As some of you might know, for a long time, I’ve been wearing only dresses and could not stand to wear trousers or find a skirt that I liked.. Until now 😉 In the past, I was struggling with my self-confidence and for that reason, only dresses made me feel a little bit better about myself. Skirts were tricky as the right fit would boost my confidence but then if the length or style was a bit off, that would immediately have the opposite effect. This made me realize what an impact fashion and the way clothes fit have on someone’s self-esteem.. Therefore, all the more reason to pay extra attention to outfit pieces and that you need to invest in a couple of lifelong basics.

So recently, I’ve fallen in love with the Ted Baker collection especially with all the floral prints which just makes you feel like spring/summer but at the same time also highlighting the right parts of your  body.. Since the quality is superb, it’s worth the small investment that is necessary when buying something.


Some moths ago, I bought this floral printed pencil skirt, but had some difficulties in finding the right top and shoes to combine it with… Now that I have found the perfect pieces to combine, I cannot wait to share with you!


Correct me if I’m wrong, but this look makes me feel extra girly and just accentuates the right parts of the body 🙂


What are your favorite pieces from the Ted Baker collection?



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