Starting our Own Business

Hiya all, so we’re finally going to do it! After months of doubting and rethinking it, my brother and I are going to start our own business. Well actually it will be turning our grandfathers’ hobby into an official business 🙂

Actually, my grandfather is making apple wine from our own apples. This on it’s own is quite unique since most wine is made from grapes and you have several vineyards in the area. He’s been doing that for about 30 years or more and while growing up, it was an annual tradition to help him pick the apples, gather them for grinding purposes, and then taste the fresh juice that will eventually turn into wine..

Appel Plukdag

Since my grandfather is getting older (he’s turning 79 this month), we want to ensure the family tradition is continued, so we thought it would be a nice present for his 80th birthday to have his wine officially certified as a “streekproduct”  which is a very nice recognition for all the years of hard work. For this reason, we’ve decided to name our company “MAISON BACCUS” to keep the link with our family (Baccus) as well as the link with wine house (Maison = French for house).

Now, starting your own business does require quite some paperwork which needs to be completed and submitted before you can actually start, so I’m the unfortunate one that needs to take care of this since my brother is not that administrative or financial adapt.

I won’t bother you with all the boring stuff, but will provide you with a sneak peek of how our end product will look like 🙂

Appel Wijn

Stay tuned for more updates on our starting business!



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