Family Trip @ Planckendael Zoo

Last Sunday we went to Planckendael Zoo with the entire family and this was a time of first, such as first time to a zoo for little Beau, first time ever that we went on a trip with the entire family.. Now that seems like a lot of people, but it isn’t.. In total we were with 9 (!) and also the first time we went to Planckendael


Planckendael is one of the bigger animal parks in Belgium and it known for it’s breeding program of Storks and one of the famous elephants Kai-Mook.. It’s located near the cities of Mechelen and Brussels which makes is easy accessible no matter which part of Belgium you’re living in. It took us roughly an hour drive, which meant for most of us catching up on some sleep while others were driving 😉


When entering the park, you already come across some animals as well as a huge playground. This is a nice introduction to the park which is very children friendly as they have lots of fascinating and cool play areas. Unfortunately, Beau is still too young to enjoy all of these play areas but in a couple of years when he’s older, we’ll for sure go back.

The park itself is divided into continents with each having it’s own animals and decor. If you want to cover everything you basically have to go via Europe, Africa, America, Oceania and then Asia. Below are some impressions of what we saw and especially how Beau reacted to seeing so many different animals 😀



Hope you enjoy it and maybe will visit if you ever have the chance!





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