White & Blue Corporate Outfit

Hiya! This will be my first post purely focused on fashion and more precisely what I’m wearing to work.. So bear with me as I’ll give this one a try.

Being in finance, the stereotypical outfits of suits and very formal dresses is not always true especially when you’re not working in the commercial side of Finance. Now, that’s not to say that we don’t need to dress formal but we are allowed some exceptions (less formal wear) as long as it’s not short skirts and tank tops..

For those of you that already know me, I’m a dress-only kinda girl with having over 50 dresses and not wearing any trousers at all.. Until today, as last week I bought my first pair of trousers in over 4 years! 😀

I have to admit that these trousers are so comfortable and light that they are perfectly suited for warmer days in the office when the climate control goes bananas… And the print is perfect to combine with more classical shirts as well as plain t-shirts 🙂


Combining them with a classic white blouse/shirt makes it perfect for office wear.. At the same time, it’s easy to switch to less formal with a colorful scarf, some casual earrings and these funny sneakers (above picture)..




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