Ted Baker’s VIP Event @ Maasmechelen Village

Last weekend (April 24th), Ted Baker hosted a VIP event for the first time in Maasmechelen Village and I was fortunate enough to be part of this experience. The concept was simple; presentation of the ladies collection SS15 as well as some background information on how the brand was founded and what inspired the designers for this collection.

We were welcomed in the VIP lounge which was transformed into an oasis of Ted Baker pieces in combination with the interior pieces already in place such as lounge chairs and cushions. All the VIP’s where provided with drinks (orange juice in my case) and there was a wide selection of pastries such as éclairs, brioche and pudding rolls. The Store Manager of the Ted Baker shop started of with a short introduction of how the brand was founded (strangely enough it was a men’s only brand at first) before showing the collection on video as well as a presentation of what inspired the designers. Afterwards, we were all invited to walk around the room and see/feel the collection including dresses, scarves, shoes, bags, accessories, etc. There was even a small area reserved for the men’s collection of SS15 for the few (2) men that had to tag along.

After the event, we were all given a goodie bag with lots of nice stuff, such as a Ted Beker (cup for tea), smoothie container, newspaper with the collection, carry-on bag, and lots more…

Of course, nobody could resist stopping by the shop and trying on some of the collection pieces. Unfortunately, there is no maternity collection at Ted Baker, so I had to watch my mother try on some dresses and the one she picked is soooo nice and looks soooo good on her that it even made me a bit jealous. The dress below is the one she bought without the purse as she’s not into matching purses with dresses 🙂

I will definitely go back more often and see what’s new and hopefully they will host more of these VIP events.


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