Another Amazing Family Hike @ Connecterra

As I mentioned in previous posts about hiking at Connecterra, there are several colored trails available and that I would be exploring them all!!! This post will cover the YELLOW trail which is about 11.5km and the map indicates a 3 hour hike but depending on your pace you can do it quicker (we did!).… Continue reading Another Amazing Family Hike @ Connecterra


October Beauty Favorites

Can you believe we’re already in NOVEMBER! Time is going by sooo fast this year, it’s really unbelievable. What is more, I’m already getting into the festive mood with all the stores having their Christmas decorations up and the weather is also getting colder every day. But before I can start thinking on all the… Continue reading October Beauty Favorites

Travel Guide – Mechelen in 1 Day

DESTINATION: MECHELEN, BELGIUM TRAVEL TIME: 20-30min TRAIN FROM BRUSSELS Most people know Antwerp, Brussels and Bruges when they hear about Belgium, but other nice cities such as Mechelen are not that famous. This means that you won’t see crowds full of tourists here, but it’s still busy enough to create a good vibe. Since Mechelen… Continue reading Travel Guide – Mechelen in 1 Day

Hiking @ Mechelse Heide :: Heather and Nature of all Sorts

The Mechelse Heide is part of the National Park Hoge Kempen located in the province of Limburg in Belgium. There are several entrance gates as they like to name it where you can follow different trails with different lengths as well as different difficulty levels. They also have specific trails/paths suited for wheelchairs and baby… Continue reading Hiking @ Mechelse Heide :: Heather and Nature of all Sorts