Hidden Gem in the National Park Hoge Kempen

In the past couple of months, I have heard stories about a hiking trail in my hometown that is part of the National Park Hoge Kempen but that isn't widely known to the public so it's still quite calm. The funny thing about this hidden gem is that its starting point is about 4min drive… Continue reading Hidden Gem in the National Park Hoge Kempen

Lactose Free Petit-Beurre Cake

A petit-beurre cake or "koekjeskoek" in Dutch dialect is something that I've always enjoyed eating when someone else made it 🙂 but I've always been wary of trying it myself since I have to somehow find a way to make it lactose free. With Easter being a somewhat unusual celebration this year due to the… Continue reading Lactose Free Petit-Beurre Cake